The pictures say it all

Saturday morning turned out to be a nice, sunny garage saling day. If you have watched the news this weekend you already know what came next.  It is one of those weekends that we will not forget for a long long time. Everyone here just said the same thing “We have never seen anything like it”  The pictures tell the story – the ground was white with hail. It started and just woudn’t stop. I think it must have hailed for over an hour. Add that to rain and it was not a good campfire evening. At least we did not get much wind and fortunately no funnel clouds. Follow this link to my photobucket storm album. Some of the pictures didn’t turn out well,  but you may notice that most were taken from the comforts of a truck and the rec building. No one really wanted to venture outside.

We can’t say for sure how much rain we got because someone was nice enough to turn our rain gauge upside down. But I am estimating the pool level went up approximatley 4″ and  the temperature in the pool also dropped 5 degrees. Luckily there was not too much damage  – a little bit of hail on some campers, a couple awnings and some flowers. Of course there are a few puddles still hanging around, but we are on the way to drying up again. We are desparately hoping that the forecast doesn’t change and we finally get a warm, sunny weekend.

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