The Coffee’s On

It’ s getting to be that time of year when spring fever hits and everyone wants to get out after a long winter. With our campground being close to Winnipeg it makes an ideal drive to come and check us out if you have never stayed here before.  Each spring we always have quite a few people do just that and you are most welcome to come on out. But, we just have a couple small requests:

#1 – Please keep in mind that we are not looking our best right now.  After hibernating under ALL that snow this winter it will take us a little while to get spiffed up again. The puddles and mud will disappear soon; the grass will turn green and the leaves will come out; and the flowers will bloom. Don’t hate us cause we’re ugly.

#2 – Stop in for a free coffee. While you are there, we’ll tell you which areas of the campground are snowbank free and open for traffic. We’ll even give you a map and show you which sites are seasonal, which are for weekend camping and what services are at each site. If you are looking to book for a specific weekend I can even let you know which sites are open so you can pick the one that you like best. 

#3 – Don’t be afraid, we won’t bite.  Each year we see some people that drive in the yard presumably to have a look around the campground, but once they see that someone is here they turn around and immediately drive out 😦  We really aren’t that scary and we won’t chase you away.

#4 – Don’t forget to bring your entries for our kids contest

The Office/Concession/RDR Grill is open weekends starting now and ending in October!!!!! 

Goodbye Snow and Hello Camping. Only one more month until the power goes on.

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2 Responses to The Coffee’s On

  1. Justice Bird says:

    I am ready for some summer fun! I can’t wait!

  2. Joanne Coote says:

    We cannot wait for camping season to begin. We are so happy to have found your resort last summer and are excited to stay there again this year. We just booked for May long! Bring on the sun!
    Joanne & Dan

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