Our Mexican Experience

If you have been watching the news in the last few months I’m sure you have heard all the warnings about travelling to Mexico.  We have recently returned from Mexico ourselves and I thought that I would share our experience.  First, have a look at what they did to our truck. 

Rubber Ducky Truck

Well, I never said it was a bad experience. We actually had all good experiences down there  and let me tell you the weather there is a lot nicer than here right now. This  year we were lucky enough to literally stumble upon a very talented airbrush painter named Antonio. We were driving into town and he pulled out of a campground in front of us. We took one look at the pictures on his truck and knew that we had to talk to him.

We showed him our logo on our brochure and asked if he could put it on our truck. Then we asked him how much and were blown away when he said only $100 per duck. (gotta love Mexico)  He came the next day and we got to sit and watch the truck be transformed into a  work of art. We can’t say enough about his talent and what an amazing job he did. We never dreamed it would turn out as good as it did.  These pictures just don’t do it justice, you really do have to see it in person.

On some weekends in the summer our truck is used by a local drag racer to travel to the Speedway in Gimli so we thought it would be good to somehow get a picture of his car on the truck as well. We had Dean email some pictures which we forwarded to Antonio and he was able to create this on the tailgate.


You can’t miss our truck coming down the highway now and it is really easy to find in a parking lot.

These are a few shots of the airbrush process.

Mexico is not really as scary as it is made out to be by the media. Yes, I admit that there are some parts of the country that I would not really want to venture into, but keep in mind that it is a big area. That would be like someone saying that they weren’t going to come to Warren because there is violence in Toronto. The town that we go to is located South of Phoenix, about a one hour drive into Mexico. The town is called Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco.  We have been here a couple times and have always had a relaxing vacation. I won’t go off topic into too much detail but if you are interesting in learning more about the area and about travelling in Mexico just feel free to ask. We will gladly share our experiences and answer any questions.

Quite often during the busy summer months I get asked when we get to relax and take a break. These pictures answer some of that question. We take a couple weeks in the winter fly south like the ducks where we can enjoy some camping ourselves.

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  1. Dawn says:

    That is freaking awesome!!! WOW!

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