New and Interesting Camping Stuff

I have come across some camping related products that I thought looked pretty interesting so I thought I would share.

We all know that storage space is not always great in campers, especially in the kitchen area so I thought these products may come in handy. These kitchenware products can used in the oven, microwave or freezer and it collapses to save space.

If you like to have privacy when you are camping this may be a good thing to check into. According to their website the wallup is easy to set up and can withstand winds of up to 15mph. Now of course we are in Manitoba so there will be windy days where this will not be practical, but I am sure there are lots of times when it would come in handy.

The Wallup for camping 

This next item is good if you do a lot of roughing it without electricity. It uses solar power to charge your cell phone and other mobile devices.

solar powered charger

If you have a pet and are always on the go this will likely come in handy. There is no need to search around for a place to get water for your pooch. Just pull out your handi-drink and rover will be ready to go A bonus is that this is a Canadian product. How often do you see that website that only ships to Canada?


That’s all I have for new and noteworthly things right now. I will be searching around to see what else I can find. Do you have a product or tip that you would like to share with other campers? Let me know and I will feature it in a blog. Send me an email at

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