Wow 2010 already

2010 was kicked off with another fun filled New Year’s Eve at the Duck. We had a nice sized crowd with around 35 people.  There was a mixture of seasonal campers and some of our regular campers. Everyone pretty much knew everyone else and we were able to have a relaxing evening.

Somewhere behind all that steam is a group of boys having lots of fun.

The steam clears and yes they are there

Into the snow they go

Into the snow they go

 The boys had to run a little farther to find the snow this year. Last year there was a snowbank nice and close by, but not this year. There were some bigger boys that finished off the night in the hot tub, but I didn’t get their picture. I had better things to do at 4 in the morning lol. And I don’t think they would have been quite as agile to go and jump in a snowbank.

The Poker Players and we had to put the hockey game on the big screen to watch the shoot out

Some of the wii players

   Despite the cold weather the ice fishing was a popular attraction on the weekend. There were a few fish caught and also a few that got away and as always lots of fish tales to be told. The snowmobiling on the other hand has not been popular at all this year. There still isn’t really enough snow to bring most sledders out. This has not been a prosperous year for keeping the RDR Grill open on weekends since our main clientele is the sledders. January is looking to be a pretty busy month however. It starts on the 9th with poker night; the 16th is the Northern Lites Poker Derby; the 23rd is our poker derby and the social for the RDR social committee. We were able to sell a few tickets on New Year’s but still have lots available.

Today is time for everything to get back to normal after a couple weeks of a kind of messed up schedule. Maybe now I will be able to keep track of what day of the week it is. It has been hard lately with all the holidays.

And in case you were wondering it is only

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