Time for a makeover

After a few years of a pretty bland atmosphere in the rec building it was time for a change. I had been looking at the walls all summer long and wondering what to do and where to start. It was time to just do it and see what happened. In the end step 1 of the makeover turned out pretty good….

Rec Building


Rec Building


Rec Building

After - the other view

Rec Building

Another Before

Rec Building

Another After

It is a bit of a change now when you walk in the door.  I am still planning to paint around the pool table and both bathrooms within the next few weeks so watch for more updates. As with most things around here there is a little bit of a story that goes along with the color selection. I didn’t have the luxury of walking into the paint store and saying I want this. We have probably 20-30 gallons of paint that we have stockpiled knowing that someday, somewhere we would use it. There are various colors and some full gallons some part, basically just bits and pieces that were leftover from other painting projects. I started searching through to see what I had to work with and came across some burgundy, a slightly different shade of burgundy, some grey, some real nice hot pink, lots of white and then I found a full pail of the top color (I don’t even know what shade to call it) and a full gallon of the brown. So, now the questions – which walls do I do? how many walls can I get out of the gallon? what do I do? where do I start? I finally settled on the idea of the chair rail. I suspected that I had to plan for 3 coats and once I got started painting I could see that I was right. I had the plan to for sure do the East wall with the windows and the wall along the concession stopping at the gumball machine. My hope was to have enough to do the entrance too. After I got done the 3rd coat of the top color I stared into my paint pail and decided it was time to make the decision about the entrance. What do I do if I start painting and run out of paint? I can’t just run back to the store and get more. In the end I did take the chance and had about 1″ of paint left in my can when I was done. Phew.

Rec Building

Entrance sort of after

I haven’t got the ‘stuff’ put back yet since I need an extra set of hands moving the display case and reorganizing the bulletin board and brochure stands. (Yes I am also going to paint the ugly orange on the display case). I also need to find some type of bookshelf for this are to put our magazines, book and puzzles. We have gotten quite a collection donated over the summer.



If you want to see the changes in person be sure to come out to Texas Hold Em Saturday night (insert shameless plug here lol)


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1 Response to Time for a makeover

  1. Collette says:

    Hi Sheri–the makeover looks awesome! I love the wall colors and the new way you have the tables; it looks cozy.

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