Computers are great

when they actually cooperate. One of my goals for this past summer was to get some video of the campground to put on the website and of course youtube. Well I managed to get the video but no way could I upload it. I tried and tried and kept getting an error message so I gave up for a while. This week I decided it was time to try it again and it finally cooperated. I now have a you tube channel You can go and check them out maybe leave a comment or give me a rating. Just keep in mind that videography is not my profession and no I won’t give up my day job. Some of the videos could probably be a little steadier, but I will do better next time I promise.

This week my job is a painter and I still won’t  be giving up my day job. I am starting to paint the rec building this week. Tonight we have a Northern Lites Snowmobile Club meeting so I will just be doing the taping and getting ready to get down to painting tomorrow.  My plan is to do everything except the concession/RDR Grill area and including the bathrooms before New Year’s. I will of course keep you updated to see if I reach my goal. This week I am concentrating on the main area around the tables. Of course if anyone is in the area and looking for something to do I can always find an extra paintbrush…. Funny how noone ever seems to take me up on the volunteer painting which makes me wonder if there is anyone that actually enjoys painting. I am certainly not one of them. I like the finished product, but hate the getting there.

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