Pretty typical long weekend

We were luckier than most campgrounds in that we didn’t have 4 inches of snow on the ground Friday morning and we didn’t have any cancellations due to weather.  The only issue that we had from the cold was some frozen water lines and sewers on Friday night and Saturday morning. Once we got on to Saturday morning the weather straightened out a little and we were into a pretty decent weekend as far as May Long’s go.

The rec building was hopping Friday evening with the strong, cold winds making it difficult to have a bonfire or do any cooking outside. Our newly renovated and updated RDR Grill was put to the test this weekend with lots of  food being enjoyed by our campers. We had a decent turnout for the Pig Roast with around 70 people being served and bingo was popular as always with an almost full house in the rec building.

I think our next acquisition around here should be a lie detector. That way when the fountain in the pond gets knocked over again we can bring in the ‘suspects’, hook them up and find out the truth. Next step would be sending them into the pond to fix things back up instead of us having to find a lovely volunteer from the audience. (OK not so lovely, but the help was much appreciated anyway) Typical with any weekend when we have a campground full of people there are always some personality conflicts. The lie detector would very quickly solve the ‘he said, she said’ incidents. We get called upon to figure out whose story to believe and then figure out what we are supposed to do about it. Not always an easy task. This past weekend was probably one of our worst for senseless destruction and littering. It started with the disovery on Saturday morning that the fountain had been knocked over and a picnic table broken beyond repair. Then we continued to find things throughout the weekend – solar light smashed beyond identification; the bridge in the mini golf area was moved; there were kids riding toy lawnmowers down the slide; kids trying to wack each other with the pool net; the list goes on. And the garbage laying around is something else. Where you finished your drink is apparently where you should drop it on the ground. And, of course every last golf ball was taken from the mini golf course.

On to the next weekend… So far the forecast looks good with some sunshine  and warm temperatures. We have a camping club returning for their second year. We have a few pay as you goers and hopefully we get some overnighters take advantage of the nice weather. This weekend is also the annual town wide garage sale in Warren which means unless there is a major catastrophy you won’t see my face around the campground on Saturday morning.

I submitted my ‘weather pic’ to the and it has now been viewed 498 times. Check it out

Today is the day to restock and regroup for another weekend. After a ‘real’ weekend of working in our new concession and store all of us workers are in agreement that it is working out fabulous. And luckily there weren’t very many bugs to work out and things ran smoothly -other than my cash register deciding to freeze right at bingo time, that I could have done without. It seems to be back on track for the moment, but I don’t know how long it will last.

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