Hmm what’s going on?

It has been a busy couple days around here and there has been a big change in the rec building. This is how it looked Sunday morning.
This was sometime mid morning on Monday.

And this is at the end of the work day on Monday.
I uploaded this picture onto my computer this morning and had to laugh about the case of Busch and some empties right in the middle of the picture. I thought about editting them out somehow but then noone would believe the picture was taken here. lol. At least they only had half a dozen beer during the ‘after walls going up’ celebration. The guys are hard at it again today and I will have some more pictures later. You will have to stay tuned to see what the final renovations are.
Things are busy on the other side of the yard too. We have approximately 2000 trees being planted this spring. Our tree planter probably doesn’t like the muddy field conditions, but the trees certainly will. (I know that’s small consolation) In the yard itself things have dried up quite nicely. We just have our normal wet spots left of course, but everything else is basically dry. Lake Boobieslappen is quite full and still has a fairly significant snow bank in the middle. If the weather keeps up like it has been that should be melted by July. lol.

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