Good riddance snow!!

Those warm temperatures in the last few days have certainly gotten rid of the snow quickly, but now we see all the icky stuff that has been hiding under the snow for 6 months. Time to start cleanup I guess.
We do have some snowbanks still hanging around and of course some water, but overall things are looking pretty good. If someone showed up today looking for a campsite I could find a couple to choose from.
We have had some people out and about to look around already this year and if we get a nice weekend or two I would expect a few more. Friday is the test drive day for the slushees and ice caps. Hmmmm Yummy. I know one owner, two assistant managers and one employee who will be impatiently waiting for them to freeze. Anyone else who is in the mood for a cool, creamy iced cap feel free to stop by.
I am just finalizing my updated menu for the RDR Grill. Everything is basically the same as last year just tweaked and kicked up a little- and we now have an official name. We added a new flavour of chicken wings, a couple new burgers and I just may throw in some special desserts here and there – homemade of course.
Many of you may have gotten my “What’s new and what’s happening” newsletter the other day. If not you can view it on our website. As the name implies it lists most of what will be new this year, with a few things that may be added as they happen. I also included a brief listing of some of the events going on this year as well. I expect to add a few more things in here and there as well.

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