We are slowing gathering all the things that we need to do an expansion on the concession area in the rec building. Our main goal is to create a larger area to display our store items like the groceries, candies, camping supplies etc. We will also be carrying a selection of rv supplies this summer. We will have the common items in stock and you can also order in the larger items like awnings or items that are specific to your camper. We will likely be starting work next week and of course I will post updates and pictures on here.
Yesterday was the first day to make reservations on the Manitoba Parks website and as always we saw a jump in our number of reservations yesterday. It is still hard to believe when you look outside that we are down to 24 more days until we open. By the sounds of the forecast the snow should disappear fast towards the end of this week. Ok I guess I should know better and recheck the forecast before I quote it because now we are dropping degrees in our highs. We are still getting the double digit lows, but where did the double digit highs go???? Have you noticed how late the sunsets are now – 8:15pm? We may not have the warm spring weather but at least we are past the dark, gloomy days of winter.

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