Be careful what you wish for.

We have all been wishing for warmer weather and now it is here. Yay!! (insert sarcasm here) This weather is not quite what we all had in mind I am sure. The kids are getting an early spring break with no school for a week. The parents are ready for them to go back to school. I am sure there are quite a few people getting a snow day from work as well. Especially this morning with hwy 6 closed. That will affect a lot of people in this area.

There have been some crazy videos on the news from yesterday’s roads – truck spinning on shear ice, chipping away the ice on the highway and skating down the middle of the highways. This is not supposed to happen in Manitoba.

This does not look good for our poker derby on Saturday. The trails are melting away in front of our eyes. Unless we get a few inches of snow in the next day or so I don’t think there will be too many riders out. It will just have to become a car derby with social and supper. There seems to be a conspiracy against our derby. Blizzards, ice storms, wonder what next year might bring flash floods, tornado? Oh well we will still be going through with everything. The checkpoints are all set up, the social and supper are organized. At this point it is too hard to completely cancel. There should still be enough snow to do the route and it is a little bit colder today so there shouldn’t be anymore melting before Saturday.

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