I don’t understand…

I was just browsing through the Winnipeg Free Press online and this headline caught my eye

Infant, toddler left in car while parents shopped so I had to check out the story and was a little mistified that some one would do this in Winnipeg.

Denise Lywak was horrified Sunday afternoon when she saw a locked car in a Kenaston Boulevard mall with the engine running, a baby and toddler in the back seat, and no adult in sight.

“That’s horrifying. That’s abandonment,” said Lywak, who called police and stood guard over the car with another woman until police arrived 22 minutes later.

That was just after the 20-something parents came back to the car, surprised that anyone was making a fuss.

Winnipeg police said Sunday night that they issued the parents with a ticket under the Highway Traffic Act for leaving their engine running.

— with files from Meghan Hurley

Obviously we only see one side of the story, but I personally can’t imagine how you could justify this. Just my personal observation for the day.

I have a feeling this week will fly by for many of us. I know that some people are already off work and those that are still there probably aren’t doing a lot of work. Around here it is still just like anyother day with the exception that it is gingerbread house construction day. After that it is cleaning the rec building day. Yay fun!!

BTW for anyone who has tried the Santa gift catcher game my top score is 74000 or so and I made level 9. Anyone beat that?

Stay warm and cozy in this cold snap.

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