Operation Quack went down on Saturday Morning

It was a highly planned operation with all watches syncronized to the second. The final briefing occurred at approximately 8:00am then everyone went to their posts. All the agents knew the risks and were willing to make the sacrifice for the good of the ducks. Fortunately noone else was around because it would have been quite the sight to behold for a bystander I am sure.

We had someone offer to ducksit this winter, we only had to do one simple thing – catch and transport 3 little ducks. Not quite so simple. Our first attempt happened last weekend, just after the first snow. Apparently we had ducks that did not like to put their little footsies in the snow. They would not even come out of the pond for food at first. This was a first for us since when we have had ducks here in the snow before they never batted an eye at the snow. Now what?? The pond started freezing in a little bit more throughout the week and finally they at least figured out that they had to come out on the ice. If they didn’t they couldn’t reach the food since there was no way I was going out on the ice to take it to them. Then one day this week it was like somebody smacked them upside the head and said ‘get with it’. They just started strolling around the yard and coming up to the house.

Plan B was initiated, and it had to be executed quickly since it is getting colder and we were running out of time. Now that they were finally coming to the house that was to be our base of operations and a makeshift corral was set up. Using the truck, the steps and some plywood we had a trap of sorts set up and waiting. Agents Haylie and Sarah were in charge of holding the plywood, Agent Sheri was the decoy with the bread and Agent Dennis was in charge of capture. Unfortately we couldn’t find any wingcuffs so a box would have to do. We managed to coax them over to the trap, but there was one little escape hatch by the tire of the truck that we missed and they were gone. We did manage to get them herded back in, and one decided to make a break the other way and she hopped the step and the barricade. Two down, one to go and she was headed back to open water. Our herding skills were put back into action again and we finally managed to corral her against the wall and Agent Dennis was able to make the arrest. Three ducks were in custody and no injuries occurred. They were safely transported to their winter home and hopefully they figured out that they are much warmer now and it was all for their own good.

I can’t even imagine what this whole scenario would have looked like to anyone that was watching. It was rather funny just being part of it – considering that it was successful.  If it was not successful it would not have been so amusing. If we weren’t able to get them we didn’t really know what plan C was going to be. The girlies got a kick out of it too, but I think the cat thought we were crazy as he watched the whole thing from his window.

It is a relief to know that they are safe and sound for the winter.

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