Aug long coming up

This has been an interesting couple days with regards to site bookings. I had a group of 8 sites that had booked last year and when I phoned to confirm they informed me that they had cancelled the reservation. Unfortunately they forgot to inform me of that fact. So, Wed afternoon I had 8 sites open for the weekend and of course I was away from the office and didn’t have any phone numbers or contacts for those that had been looking for a site. Once I got home I spent half an hour or so making calls to people that had been looking for a  site before. Luckily the phone was still ringing to book more sites and within a couple hours I was back to full capacity. Until yesterday when someone else phoned to cancel their site. So as of this morning I have one site left.  I don’t imagine that it will last very long today. With a nice sunny day there should be at least one more person looking for a site.

We are having some difficulty getting Rock Band set up. We bought the Rock Band new and have tried it in 3 different systems and it still will not play. We are not quite sure what to do now. It seems to be a problem with the Rock band itself, but we don’t know if we will be able to get into Winnipeg to get a new one. If nothing else we will have Karaoke on Sat anyway.

I must vent on one thing this morning. I came out to the pool area and found a dirty diaper lying on the ground. Now all I have to say is WHY???? There is a garbage can just over there and it is really not necessary.

This is going to my busy busy day today. With all the campers coming in, one room changing over and being a little shorter staffed than I would like I won’t have much time to breath today.  Tomorrow will be a little slower paced.

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