I don’t quite know why they even bother trying to forecast the weather anymore. They certainly have not been right very much this year. Last time I checked it was going to be sunny and hot all week. Today is definately not that way.

We were quite full this weekend. The front part of the campground was full and we even had 4 or 5 sites along Woodduck Way. Muscovy Cove was also full. We were full, but it was not crazy busy, just about right.  Everyone cleared out yesterday and you could shoot a cannon off through here by 4 in the afternoon. We did have a couple families come in to stay in the rooms and a few seasonals still out, but in comparison it just seemed dead. This week will be a little slower than last week, but this weekend will be a different story. We are completely full for the weekend and I am still getting phone calls. I even have a couple people on a waiting list in case of a cancellation.

Our Taco in a Bag seems to be getting a good response. I had never heard of them before and someone else was talking about seeing them someplace else and I thought that it sounded like a great idea to try here. I had to sample one myself on Friday before we officially sold any and they are a nice change from the usual stuff.

I managed to get my August newsletter finished yesterday and sent out this morning. Some of you may have already received it, if not you better get to our website and sign up. My contact list has been steadily growing and I believe that I am around 140 people for the regular newsletter. Hopefully at least some of them get read, and not just sent to the trash bin. I did have someone redeem the free mini golf coupon from last month’s newsletter so I know that she read it.

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