Swimming lessons are well under way

Our lessons got off to a good start on Monday. We had quite a few kids that we didn’t know what level they should be in, so did a little bit of switching and shuffling but all is well now. The weather yesterday made things very difficult. We managed to get through most lessons, but the last couple in the evening had to be called off. Today was a whole different story. It was so muggy for this morning’s lessons and now this afternoon is just about right. I am actually once again sitting by the pool as I type this and the girlies are once again enjoying the pool. What is it about kids that they can never get enough of swimming? We also managed to squeeze a couple more kids in for lessons at the last minute so, I believe that the last count was 55ish. It makes for a busy couple weeks. I still have a waiting list for August and a couple kids we just couldn’t fit into this session. There were a couple levels that were just too full already.

This weekend is booking up quite nicely.  We are well over 15 sites and this week has actually been fairly busy as well. We got off to a slow start in July so this is very ncie to see. With this warm weather the slushees have been flying out the door as well. On Monday we were having a tough time to keep up with filling the machine. I’m not complaining though, it’s all good. I think there is an Iced cap with my name on it tonight.

We got a good news phone call last night. Our sign was located about 1.5 miles from here. So it is now back in our possession. Hopefully it stays and the people responsible have gotten it out of their system and leave it alone.

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