April showers bring May grass?

Well we are hoping so anyway. Dennis spent the afternoon yesterday getting the berm area around the new pond ready to seed the grass. We woke up this morning and saw that it was actually going to rain, so he is back out there seeding and levelling the last bit of dirt. Good thing there isn’t a campground full of people because I don’t think they would appreciate a skid steer at 7:15 in the morning. We are still waiting for the backhoe to come and dig the ditch across from one pond to the other. Once that is done we can start filling the water up again. We lost some water over the winter and of course didn’t have much melting from snow cover this year.

It is now 12:30pm when I am able to come back and finish writing this post. The grass is all seeded and the piles are levelled and it is POURING rain right now. It has been raining for almost an hour and is it nice to see. Things were looking very dry around here this spring. It is always nice to see that first big rain come and clean everything up too. It should take care of the last bit of ice left in the pool. Last year we were swimming on April 22 for the girlies birthday party, but that is definately not going to happen this year. Dennis figures by the end of the week the pool should be drained, cleaned and refilled.

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