Could it be…

Has spring really sprung this time. The TV is forecasting a high of 23 for Monday, which we will believe when we see it.

There are still some big snow drifts around here, but at least there is some hope. The main areas are almost free of snow and the water is drying up quickly. It will however be a little while before the campground roads are open. The pool has some open water starting to appear. I have a feeling before we know it camping season will be in full swing.

This upcoming Sunday is the annual Duck Derby in Balmoral. It is a fundraiser for the hall. We will finally be able to actually make it up their to check it out. The past two years we have always been busy with work and construction around here. It is also a week earlier this year. Apparently they dump 200 ducks into the creek and they ‘race’ to the end. There is also some activities and lunch in the hall. The Oak Hammock Marsh duck mascot will be around and I believe the marsh will have some other demos and displays set up. The weather is supposed to be nice and should be a fun afternoon.

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