Time to look for employees

It is already time to start my search for workers for summer. As some of you may be aware the labour market is a tough place for us employers right now. Apparently this is only the beginning. We were shown some stats the other day and the amount of jobs is expected to rise a lot faster than the amount of workers in the next few years.

Of course with us being in a rural area, our options are even more limited. As we are expanding I am also looking for more employees this year too. We are open to hiring students, but they need to find transportation which can be difficult. We do have the advantage that I can bribe them with access to the swimming pool and camping benefits. That must be worth something right?

So, I come to my point – if you know of anyone looking for a summer job please send them my way.  I am looking for capable people to work the office/concession in the rec building. (full or part time) I am also planning swimming lessons again this year so am in need of a red cross certified swimming instructor.  They can find more information about the jobs by phoning (204-322-5286) or emailing info@rubberduckyresort.com.

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