What a day

Of all the days to have a blizzard happening – why Saturday. We had a surprisingly good turnout for the poker derby part of the day. We ended up with 138 hands which is about the same as we had last year. So now we wonder just how many we would have had if it was a nice day. We are just estimating that we lost about half the riders when they looked out the window in the morning. We had a couple groups that did manage to make the whole run. They are definatley hard core, I can’t believe that they did it. One group even trailered out from Winnipeg to ride. Quite a few only made it one or two stops, then shut her down, some just drew all the cards here.

The dinner part of the day was a big disappointment however. We only served 57 people for supper. So, of course we have lots, and lots of food left over.  It was a tough call for us to know how many people to cook for. We really had no idea how many people were coming and if the weather suddenly cleared the turnout may have improved.  But, that didn’t happen.

Next year hopefully the weather will be better.

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