Busy Week again

After a slow few weeks things are moving around here again. Last night was the Northern Lites club meeting, thursday night is the South Interlake Snoriders and Saturday is our big day for the winter – The Rubber Ducky Derby.

We have made a few changes to the derby for this year. Most significantly we have extended the hands in deadline to 7:00pm. We are hoping that this will accommodate people coming for the Supper and social after.  Last year our deadline was 4:00pm and we found that there was a major congestion of people coming for the social (starts at 4:00) and others returning from the derby. We are hoping that this will spread everyone out a little more. (fingers crossed). We also have added a fourth checkpoint this year – Meridian Trail Store in Argyle, Rosie’s Cafe in Inwood, Oak Point Chalet and The Woody (that’s the Woodlands Motor Hotel for all the non-locals). This makes for about a 100 mile run, if they do the whole route. We don’t make it a prerequisite to do the whole route however. Some people start in Inwood for example and come to Oak Point, The Woody and to RDR. We are trying to keep things flexible so that it can be enjoyable for more people.

The kitchen will be humming all day. Breakfast is starting at 8:30 for the early risers and it will go until around 10:30. We are doing pancakes, sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs this year. Chef Ron will be expertly tending to our roasts and I am in charge of the baked potatoes, baked beans, and salad along with all the minor technical details. And Grandma is baking up some of her delicious homemade rolls.

The Northern Lites are looking after the social part of the evening. Last year was a success and everyone had a great time, so hopefully things go well again this year. 6 inches of snow would sure make things  a lot better for the snowmobilers however.

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