New Year’s Eve

We have come to the end of another whirlwind year for us here at RDR. I am switching to a new web album for my website and in the process am going back through all my pictures from 2007. It really puts it into perspective how much things have changed when you see the pictures of what it looked like back in May. When we were building the new sites I took pictures every day, sometimes more than once if it was a busy day. Once I get done updating the site I am going to try to put together a before and after album to post on here.

Tonight will be very low key and casual around here. Last year we tried to do a fundraiser in conjunction with a hockey team and it didn’t go as well as hoped – Live and learn they say. If you recall we got about a foot of snow that day which certainly didn’t help. People also don’t seem to be doing much for New Year’s anymore. This suspicion of mine was actually confirmed in the Free Press the other day. I don’t remember the exact statistic, but I think it was in the neighborhood of 50% of people that don’t do anything. So tonight we have done nothing special – other than doing up a whole pile of chicken wings. The rec building will be open as usual; the concession will be open for hot wings and other things. The hot tub is set up outside the side door. We will have the music on and watch the ball drop at midnight. We don’t expect a huge crowd, but those of us that are here will have a good time.

Whether you are the percentage that stays home or the percentage that goes out make sure you have a good time and be safe!!

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