Can the Bombers pull off another one?

Last weekend’s game was certainly a nailbiter. We had a few people come out to watch the game in the rec building and it was worth it. Talk about leaving it to the last minute. There is a poll on the Bombers website asking who will be in the Grey Cup. Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan currently has the most votes, with Winipeg vs BC in second. Of course most people taking the poll would be biased given that it is the ‘Bombers’ web site.  The statistics for the Bombers Vs Argos in the playoffs is not good. Since 1933 they have met 12 times, the Bombers only won 3 times (1988, 89, 90). But I guess all that means absolutely nothing if you are a true Bomber fan. On Sunday ya gotta just go with your heart. GO BOMBERS GO!!!

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