A little nostalgia for RDR

Our very first guests to ever stay with us in our suites have returned again. They were here to hunt waterfowl in 2005 and are back this year. Things have changed a little since they were last here. We had barely finished the rooms (the cupboards went in two nights before they arrived). We didn’t have the rec building completed yet and had to serve their meals in our house – more like a traditional bed and breakfast. This year we have the rec building set up for their meals and relaxing after their hunts. We are now able to joke about the ‘remember when’. They are an easy going bunch and were able to bear with us as we got things organized and set up.

This weather may be fit for ducks, but it certainly hasn’t been for hunters. There has been an overabundance of cold, rainy days for the guys this past couple weeks. Seems like it will just dry up and down comes the rain again. They come back in covered in mud and soaking wet. As long as they get their birds they don’t seem to mind. I personally don’t think you could pay me to go out in and lay in a cold, muddy field at the crack of dawn.

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