From Sunny California to Fall in Manitoba

As I have said before we are busy with American waterfowl hunters staying in our rooms this month. Well, we had quite the crew here this past week. They have stayed with us before and as always it makes for a great time.

Don had a ‘bang’ up time with some of our campers and friends on Saturday night. Then just before leaving on Sunday afternoon they had to test out the new CWO transportation unit.


Yes, what you are seeing is 1 dog, 6 California hunters, 2 Manitoba outfitters and 2Rubber Ducky girlies. Fortunately we didn’t need the vaseline to get anyone out and the train made it around safely.

 On a personal note – some days it gets hard for me to keep up with the schedule this time of year, but for the 4 days that you guys were here it was never an issue. It was great to have such a fun, relaxed atmosphere around here – I almost looked forward to getting up at 4 am. I know that Sarah would agree with me. She hasn’t had such a captive audience for her silliness in a while, especially the knock knock jokes while Hollywood was cornered in the kitchen.

I hope that you guys had a great time as well and that we will see you again.

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