Our latest project…

We have been working on yet another project since mid summer. Those of you who have been here or driven past may be wondering just what is going on the the field. Well it is another pond. We are in the final landscaping stages and it is getting close to full of water. The ducks have already found it and we need to get ourselves a duck crossing sign for the driveway now.  They regularly make the trip across for a barley snack and a swim. We are hoping to have some trout in the pond next year to have some catch and release fishing. We are also tossing around some other ideas for the land surrounding the area such as a u-pick strawberry patch, garden plots and/or a saskatoon orchard. I will keep you posted as to what we decide.

I am not sure if my picture will do the pond justice, but this is what we saw on the way from the school bus this morning. It was frosty outside and the steam was rising off the water.

Frosty pond

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1 Response to Our latest project…

  1. Amy Spruyt says:

    Wow Sheri, that’s a great pic!!! I hope you’re all doing well!

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