Definately switching gears

This wacky weather is enough to make ya crazy. The weekend was hot and now we are back to the clouds and cold. We need some more sunshine. Camping has most definately slowed to a crawl. We did have a camping group here this past weekend, so that helped to fill a few sites. This weekend I have had a couple reservations and a couple phone calls, but as usual we will wait and see what the weather brings.

We are starting to switch gears to fall mode this week. From Sept 22 to approx Nov 1 we will have in the neighborhood of 90 American hunters pass through our doors. They are coming up to hunt Waterfowl. It makes for an interesting month getting to meet the different guys. Our rec building becomes a hunting lodge of sorts. They have all their meals and tell their after hunt stories in there. This will be our third season for the Americans. The first year we were just completing construction and only had about 10-15 guys. Last year was a full crew of almost 100. We have even had two film crews stay with us. A group from RNT was here in 2005 and Waterfowler TV was here in 2006. The waterfowler guys last year were a blast. They were quite the characters. RNT was filming for a video while they were here. The guys and dogs from Cupped Wings Outfitters were on the cover of their video. The waterfowler guys were filming for a TV show. It is supposed to air this week I believe. Their show is only on the Outdoor Channel in the States however.  I’m not sure if we will even see the footage. They said that they would send us a copy, but we will see.

This is the guys from Waterfowler with the guys from Cupped wings and Dennis.

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